REVERE /re – vere/ : to have great respect for someone or something.

Our Story

Revere Realty was formed to provide a service we believe has evaporated from residential real estate transactions: TRUE & MEANINGFUL REPRESENTATION. Real estate companies and their agents have become too big, too fast, too focused on their own marketing and images and have been ignoring the only thing that matters: YOU! We will represent you, the client, and ensure your protection and satisfaction as you navigate the process of buying or selling a home.

REVERE /re – vere/ : to have great respect for someone or something.

Who we are: Respected PROFESSIONALS

Revere Realty is a full-service, independent and locally-owned real estate agency headquartered in Irondequoit, NY. Founded by real estate professionals who were born and raised in the Rochester area, we leverage our 30+ experience and insight to help buyers and sellers make their next move. 

Our Promise to you: Meaningful REPRESENTATION

With unwavering commitment to client service, we provide meaningful representation to our clients. We redefine the real estate experience because we will not compromise a fair price, your valuable point of view or your piece of mind for the sake of closing the transaction or receiving a commission.  We earn a fee by working diligently on your behalf.

We understand what matters most to you in the process. By showing great respect for you, your family and your home, our goal is to help ensure that your experience is profitable—both personally and financially.